How to Pick the Best Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

How to Pick the Best Play to Earn Games in 2022

Several game lovers have discovered a strange way of earning real money from just playing games. It is equally important to define the benefits of the games industry, which can be ready and produce great results. Gone are the days when playing games was simply a passive hobby without any tangible reward. Now, the gaming industry commands billions of dollars in worth.

Meanwhile, stakeholders in the business are not simply the investors or the designers. We now have the game players with a financial stake in the best play to earn games. Also, they expend their time and investment in the game and earn monetary rewards. New gamers also have access to a new community of game lovers with healthy social interaction. 

The blockchain industry has also brought a paradigm shift to the gaming industry. And the reward of the game is not restricted to the distributors, game developers, and investors. But now, game players can also generate income from playing these games with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFT games are based on a unique technology and gaming model known as the play-to-earn or P2E model. Also, they are suitable for play both on the gaming console, the computer, or a smartphone on the go. 

However, before we even begin to explore these play-to-earn games, let us learn in detail about them.

What are Play-to-Earn games?

Play-to-earn (P2E) games allow players to earn digital assets or items as they advance in their gaming experience. For instance, in Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, players can continue to gather in-game assets such as weapons and wearables or acquire properties. At other times these rewards are earned when the player completes a challenge or wins a quest. The offer may also be the content of a loot box that the player can buy with real currency. 

The items are limitless and vary depending on the gaming environment and type. P2E games also allow players to customize their characters with different attires or outfits and fortify them with equipment and weapons. However, the items may not be sellable to other players in cash but only using in-game currency. This function is what the play-to-earn games introduced to the gaming world. 

The reliability of the blockchain technology means there is now a secure platform that allows things that were not conceivable to be possible. Now, game developers can create rewards and in-game systems so that they are unique and priceless. Also, they are transferrable from one player to another. At the same time, the rewards can range from native digital currencies that are only peculiar to the game at hand or NFTs that can be earned by staking. 

On the other hand, the gained NFT currency can be exported into a crypto wallet and exchanged for fiat currencies. Or the player may choose to sell these items to other players within the game community, trading platforms, or even to secondary marketplaces. One of such popular play-to-earn games is the Axe Infinity, in which players can buy axies, breed them and battle them against other axies for NFT rewards. The game is also based on the Ethereum blockchain.

An NFT represents each Axies that the players can buy or sell using cryptocurrency technology. Let us now move to the core of the essence of this article.

How to Pick the Best Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

How to pick the best play-to-earn (P2E) game

Now that you have learned what play-to-earn games are about, the next thing is to choose the right one for you. There are many P2E game options today apart from Axie Infinity we mentioned earlier. In addition, there are several hundreds of play-to-earn games that are in development. 

However, how do you know which one is worth your time and effort as the right one? Before you begin the search, you should consider what you stand to gain as the payout. In other words, what exactly do you stand to gain from playing these games? In addition, how can you convert these coins from the P2E games into cryptocurrencies that you can, in turn, sell for real money? 

What steps should you then take?

Define your goals: NFT rewards, Coins, or the two?

In-game rewards from play-to-earn games come in different types and forms. And many times, the game developers understand the reward system so that they allow both rewards to be possible. Therefore, it is easy for you to pursue NFT rewards, coin rewards, or combining the two types. When you now earn these rewards, you can trade them or sell them to other players or buyers in the external trading marketplaces. 

How to Pick the Best Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

On the other hand, the game player can earn a popular cryptocurrency from playing these games. For example, the NFT in Axie Infinity is valued as ETH since it is based on Ethereum technology. Therefore, players can earn ETH directly from their time and win like they can earn other popular currencies from playing the game. Another case is the Coin Hunt World, where players can explore the neighborhoods for the keys to unlock the available quizzes. 

So, when you complete a task or win a conquest, you can earn a bitcoin or ether, a native cryptocurrency of Ethereum. After deciding on your goals, you should understand how to achieve their goals. Or put, what do you have to do to earn these cryptocurrency rewards? In addition, you should understand the time it will take to earn these rewards. While some rewards come after simple daily tasks, others require a considerable investment before reward.

Method of cashing out your coins

After you get your rewards from these play-to-earn games, you can then proceed to convert them to sellable coins. Another peculiar property of these play-to-earn games is that they are built on Polygon and Ethereum technology systems. However, based on the popularity and value of each coin, not all coins sell at the same rate and time. For instance, the NFTs can take some time before one can sell them. However, other in-game assets are more accessible.

So, before you even begin to invest in the game, you should do thorough research. Besides, you can also learn how to utilize these coins for other purposes in the real world. For instance, you can use the coins for trading and buying other assets in the marketplace. As a result, it is an invaluable decision to choose the correct item to go for and what to do with them.

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Common Problems with Play-to-Earn Games and Solutions

It is only fair not to be concerned about the goodies of play to earn games while we ignore the common issues that players complain of having. There are some glaring issues that people have raised on the gaming model over the past few months. And denying them will not suit the overall game economy while we maintain a continuous improvement culture for the game. The issues with play to earn games may also impede mainstream adoption or negatively affect the gaming sector.

Since there is a continuous increase in the number of new play to earn NFT games releases and tokens within the space, it is becoming harder to keep up with every release to identify their shortcomings. Meanwhile, the purpose of the x-ray is to help the developer improve on the next edition. Otherwise, the problems may be overblown into a scam of the game model while ignoring the unique features that the game must have brought to the industry. 

Below are some of the problems that are common with play to earn NFT games and potential solutions. 

Common Problems with Play-to-Earn Games and Solutions

Most play-to-earn games are not deep enough for long-term engagement.

When you first think of the opportunity that NFT games bring, you may assume that it continues forever. When a game player has gone into enough online video tournaments all their life, they can tell you for free that NFT games are shallow. They may not give you the intended long-term engagement you may crave for. And the reason is simple: they were designed to satisfy the gameplayer’s financial needs rather than entertainment. 

So, while there is a lot of positivity and massive hopium, there is a contrastingly little substance to back them up. Instead, gamers and investors would prefer to give the benefit of the doubt while investing in the potential that the game promises. Meanwhile, the added tons of garbage with microtransactions with questionable gameplay can be worked upon. A way to compound the issues is by focusing on consistent building for economic significance. 

You may also discover a short time of actual gameplay while the bulk of the time goes into a repetitive cycle. It is hard to keep up engagement with players if your actual game time is less than 30 minutes, coupled with a string of repetitions. Therefore, the solution is to build a sustainable solution with long-term insight. The teams need to work hard and co-factor the entertainment and income generation that the gamer needs for a long time. 

Common Problems with Play-to-Earn Games and Solutions

Many items in the game economics are not sustainable.

There is much financial magic when promoting new economic ideas and others whose mechanisms remain hidden. Experts have identified that the grand majority of the play-to-earn games are not sustainable at the start. For example, the game of economics may be left for the two sides to balance each other. The two sides are the already complex economics and the developer teams for regular game changes. 

Furthermore, the current trend includes the release of the token, a large pump, and another large pump. When the minting of token ratios continues to increase beyond control, the excessive supply of these tokens can be a big problem. After a while, the game may develop some liquidity issues or lose the ability to cope with the price action or trading. So, the players should primarily see the in-game tokens as investments that are not permanently lost. 

The solution to the poor game economics is to create game depth, which can burn mechanisms and prop up players’ investment. This method can be the real key to the sustainability feature of the games by creating a new path in exile and new ways to craft the currencies. Similarly, fewer players will depend on the breeding process while other little things don’t have to consume the mechanisms. The multiple layers of in-game currency will balance the economy with rare currency.

There is a super-importance in being early.

In developing the key NFT games with the proper structure, the player may not have the assurance of economic health. In other words, the game has to be as early as possible for the minting and private sale process to be eventually valuable. If anything goes wrong with the initial process, you may need to dump the tokens and continue playing the same game. Or, if you like, you may remove your initial deposit and the little profits, only that not everyone could be that lucky.

Common Problems with Play-to-Earn Games and Solutions

Many investors may be caught inside the hype cycles to buy a new token out of the bag holders. The solution to being early is to be sensitive to the hype cycles and seek sustainability of the game. You may also want to consider the time it takes to get the game into the market and pull through a “crypto winter.” Also, be careful of the amount or rate of investment when the token mining or creation comes late. 

Retail investors have too high expectations.

The game developers need a unique ability to balance the long-term with the short-term goals. Meanwhile, the retail investors reveal such a high expectation that it puts pressure on the return on investment for regular gamers. Whereas in traditional games, you can buy a game and sit down to enjoy it, it is not the same with play-to-earn games. Why? As soon as you invest money in the game, the pressure to succeed and start making profits haunts you.

As a result, it is hardly possible to enjoy the game until you have recorded some success. More so, the NFT gaming space could be an outright failure. Therefore, the development teams must focus on building for the long-term instead of targeting short-term goals and rewards. This strategy is more critical where the short-term wins could impede the long-term growth that the business could have. In effect, retail investors can provide the best form of support in that case. 


On a final note, not only are the reasons above stated for the suggested solution, you can use other means of solving the problem. Also, you can get more optimistic about the future of play-to-earn NFT games with optimum benefits. Meanwhile, it takes some time for a specific investment to mature, and if a good foundation is in place, it could lead to more lasting growth. 

Hottest List of Play-to-Earn NFT Games in 2022

Hottest List of NFT Play to Earn Gaming in 2022

There are not a few NFT games out there based on the play to earn gaming P2E model. And all of these games have found their way into the mainstream of the gaming industry. While some of these games are open as free-to-play games, others require players to make an initial investment. In addition, many NFT games are trying to choose one can be an overwhelming task to undertake. So, let us discuss some of the most common, efficient, and advantageous ones.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most prominent one among the play to earn gaming available in the market. So, it is only easy to start from there. The game is based on the old Pokémon theme of adventure, while the entire game is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. It also features a turn-based strategy where one player takes a turn before another one. 

Hottest List of Play-to-Earn NFT Games in 2022

The beginning of this game requires that a new player possess three of the in-game monsters known as Axies. These Axies can be bought directly from an existing player in the game environment, or you get them from a third-party marketplace. For a player to win the Axie Infinity play-to-earn game, there are some logical tactics that the player must have. Another essential quality is the ability to make the right decisions, which is vital. 

In the Axie Infinity, it is also essential to be familiar with the in-game currency that a player uses. The first one to mention is the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), the first in-game currency that a player earns. This currency establishes that Axie Infinity is a card game and a virtual pet battle universe that each player seeks to conquer and possess. At the same time, the players have the responsibility to breed and raise these pet axies to combat and win against opponents. 

Players can engage with the Axie infinity game through two basic modes: the Adventure mode (PvE) and the Arena mode (PvP). In both cases, the rewards are the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens and the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) tokens. After the player earns these rewards, they can begin to trade the assets and in-game collectibles in the Axie marketplace. The reward could be a financial gain in fiat currency or used in turn for gaming. 


The second advanced play-to-earn game is the MIR 4, an MMORPG-themed game with many fascinating features in a vast virtual world. Each player can pick the class they want to explore in this game and build a beautiful terrain where they combat dangerous enemies and get the prize. Before the NFT games came to the scene, the MIR 4 had been a great hit of a game. But the introduction of this new technology further enhanced its status. 

The game now leverages blockchain technology to improve the gameplay and experience of players. It can also make the experience more exciting for the players while giving them a financial reward for their efforts. Note that the MIR 4 has officially crossed the threshold of NFT games by issuing a play-to-earn status for the games. All players can now enjoy community rules by the marketplace rules. 

Hottest List of Play-to-Earn NFT Games in 2022

The dedicated marketplace of the game is the place to buy or sell digital assets and precious collectibles. The introduction of a new marketplace also symbolizes that the players can now trade their in-game characters and the collectibles using the DRACO as its peculiar in-game currency. On the other hand, the players can farm the Darksteel, the primary resource that can be later converted into the DRACO.

Furthermore, players can gain more profit from this game by exploring the best places in the game environment. Later, they can gain a good profit from within the game. As they identify the best areas to mine Darksteel, they can also learn more and explore the game map known as the Bicheon Valley. Players can also earn rewards by accomplishing daily tasks or feats. 

Plant vs. Undead

The Plant vs. Undead game, also known as the PVU, represents an old-school game theme for those who love the old hits. The overall principle is about a tower defense gameplay where plants are bred against the zombie’s attack. Rewards come when the players successfully raise epic plants that are strong enough to defend the waves of the mindless monsters. However, the breeding process takes being done strategically for maximum results. 

This game is also in a unique virtual realm of the Plant vs. Undead. Also, this classic game can shift from the pretty amusing way of rewarding the financial input that the player has made. In addition, the player can also earn from the game whether they like to ask the garden owner to proceed into the main content. Or the player himself can become the gardener who can raise the SEEDS into trees in a way that scares the crow. 

Hottest List of Play-to-Earn NFT Games in 2022

The reward for playing Plant vs. Undead is the Light Energy (LE). This token of rewards is usable in purchasing inbuilt equipment or even accumulating it for an exchange with the PVU tokens. On the other hand, the PVU tokens have actual worth and can become an exciting reward for NFT games. Play-to-earn NFT games are a powerful option that helps players to gather wealth. 


Mirandus is another fascinating choice of NFT games based on the P2E model. It is built into a fantasy RPG theme powered by blockchain technology. Also, it comes with some virtual experiences that make the users optimize the empires’ wandering places and seek their fates against the beasts. The beasts represent the opposition in this game, and the players’ experience in combat will count for something. 

At the same time, players must bring together elite avatars inside which the player can collect and perform their overrated skills. But for now, GALA games is a development company with some exceptional statistics levels. Also, players who possess these digital assets in land titles or deeds can progressively own portions of these lands. As such, players accomplish tasks and collect the rewards in the form of collectibles from the marketplace, they have something to sell and make a living. 

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Benefits of a Private Golf Shop over others

Whether you first identify your passion for golf or start playing, you should consider fueling that passion toward a successful career. However, as a proven golf enthusiast, investing your love into the game you believe so much will drive you up with positive energy each time. One of the easiest ways to start includes being a registered, official member of a pro golf shop. However, when choosing the golf shop to be part of, you should consider Premium of Private golf Clubs. 

Benefits of a Private Golf Shop over others

Mainly, when you are not too sure of which of the available golf shops is the right choice, know one thing: private golf shops have far better success chances than others. Hopefully, when you read the following outstanding benefits of being a part of a Private Golf Shop, you can proceed to register. More so, as it were, the perception of golf, in this case, is both a personal recreational activity and a professional career path. Let’s roll.

Top advantages of Private Golf Shops

Below are some of the most outstanding reasons why you should choose a private golf shop over others. 

Joining a Private Golf Shop may be a good financial decision

Many people from afar may regard joining a private golf club as a little too far, financially speaking. But the truth is rather than seeing it as a considerable investment, way not consider it from the perspective of the enormous value it adds. A simple test would be to consider how much it costs to play on other courses. Often, when you put the numbers together and the benefits that each provides, the private golf shop may still be a financially wise decision to make.

For instance, when you play on a public golf course, you are bound to part with cash each time you appear on the golf course. Mind you, as time goes on or after a few rounds, you may be required to pay more, which you may not be able to object to. So, you have either of two options, to either part with more money each time or limited your golfing time on the course. Whereas the second option is not suitable for a new golf beginner. Who doesn’t even need to practice?

This tendency to choose between playing less or paying more becomes less dicey when choosing a private club life from the beginning. So, by joining a unique golf shop through official registration, you no longer have to worry about paying cash each time you appear on the course. Instead, you can focus your mind on the game itself and growing to become the professional player of your dreams. Besides, there are benefits of registering on a private pro golf club.

Playing with talented and professional golf players

When you register as a private golf shop or golf club member, you have the rare benefit of playing alongside some of the best players in the industry. This opportunity’s instant service is that you can quickly improve your game by watching how others play theirs. And we are not just talking about ordinary people but professional players. Can you think of a better way to learn than actually watching professional players do their craft?

More importantly, if you have struggled to find the right motivation or push for excellence, your private golf shop registration may be your ticket to excellence. The membership to a unique golf shop may be your actual access to stepping up as a pro golf player. More so, the private golf shops hire many golf professionals to oversee golfing activities on the course. In addition, these professional golfers help take some private golf lessons that are only available to registered members.

Not just anyone can register as a professional golf player with the PGA. It takes outstanding performance consistently. As a result, before you get to that level, you may have to take some private golf lessons and officially participate in any official apprenticeship programs. This string of activities helps build your confidence on and off the pitch. It does so through those who have practically done the same in the past. 

Play on some of the best quality golf courses

Registering in a privately owned and run golf shop is also an avenue to play on some of the best quality golf courses. No doubt, private golf shops take care of their golf courses the most since it doesn’t depend on a public company or association to maintain and manage the facility. More so, the private golf shops invest a reasonable amount of time, money, and other resources in meeting the demands of the high class of players that they have on the green.

They also realize that the golf club is the livewire of the business’s backbone, which motivates them to invest in the facility. In addition, they know that a top-quality golf course is an integral part of the business altogether in a typical golf atmosphere. A great deal of investment is required to run a profitable business, a luxury that many public clubs may not be able to afford. 

Improvement of the player’s social life

 Amazingly, one of the other undeniable benefits of being a part of a private golf shop is that you get to build a solid social life. As it is, golf is the life of many. When you look at their social circle, many of them were people they met in playing golf. In such a case, there may not be a day without coming in contact with golf, whether discussing it or meeting a fellow golfer. Many people fear that they may not have the energy to keep up with golf 24-7.

Benefits of a Private Golf Shop over others

When you appear at the golf shop, beyond playing golf, you can engage with other activities. It may not take long before you realize that golf does much more than teach a few tricks about the game. It also helps to build and cultivate profitable relationships that can last for a lifetime. Therefore, you can join other golfers to partake in other extra activities like restaurants and bars, thereby talking about business or personal life. 

Finally, take advantage of it all

On a final note, when you get to a pro golf shop, take advantage of what the golf club has to offer. It is far more than your playing time on the golf course; you can also explore other business areas such as a bar, restaurant, smack shops, pro golf shop, and meeting rooms. As a golf player, you will also find many other facilities to provide a more fascinating experience, significantly maximizing your registration in the golf shop. 

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